Rochester, NY. IHS wanted a fully online, turn-key VNA solution to provide a centralized redundant storage for disaster recovery purposes, backing up the separate PACS systems from ten locations. The locations utilize a mix of PACS systems from multiple manufacturers and thus IHS needed a vendor neutral system which could interconnect with any vendor’s DICOM interface. As an additional requirement, IHS wanted to have a solution that not only provided a centralized backup copy of the records, but also provided an internal portal to permit each site a way of accessing critical patient imaging records in case of a primary PACS outage.

Some of the additional key requirements from HIS were to have the system hosted at one of the datacenter location within the IHS network, have high-availability with a fully redundant cluster, have IHE PIR (patient information reconciliation) meta-data edit interfaces, and support import of non-DICOM images.

To meet system requirements, aycan implemented a system using a pair of redundant servers each with large, direct-attached disk arrays operating with multiple RAID6 containers to provide a robust, redundant solution.

IHS in Aberdeen, South Dakota, works in conjunction with its 19 Indian Health Service Units and Tribal managed Service Units to provide health care to approximately 130,000 Native Americans located in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. The Area Office’s service units include seven hospitals, eight health centers, and several smaller health stations and satellite clinics.

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