aycan DICOM router

A Cost Effective and Powerful Distribution System

This scalable, high performance distribution system is ideal for sharing DICOM data between disparate clinical and enterprise imaging IT systems.


The aycan DICOM router automates the distribution and prefetching of medical images from various disparate clinical and enterprise imaging systems. It’s highly customizable with multiple configuration hooks for DICOM instance triggers (e.g., email notifications, router rules, HL7 messages, etc.), as well as HL7 engine triggers for pre-fetching and distribution, allowing it to integrate with RIS, EMR, and other management systems. Routing can be easily configured for time of day, specialty, source, and more as rules are applied on the instance level.

The aycan technical team can meet with you to help develop a customized workflow enabling you to take advantage of all the custom options the aycan DICOM router has to offer. aycan’s DICOM technical experts can work with you to develop your custom configuration and simplify your deployment.

The aycan DICOM router provides your organization a true gateway for all of your workflows. The router accepts multiple simultaneous DICOM network transfers in independent threads, file-drop folders to ingest DICOM files, and support for non-DICOM files to be converted.

Utilizing a customizable keyword and modality cross-references, prefetching studies are made more relevant for the end-user. The router does this by providing the desired number of priors from a pre-filtered subset of images matching the keywords of either the triggering study or HL7 message.

The aycan DICOM router accepts DICOM objects in all the common formats, including JPEG 2000, and can do on-the-fly transcoding to support legacy modalities.

Unique Features Allow You to Improve Productivity Without Compromising Integrity

With aycan store’s versatile auto-routing engine (included), incoming study images can automatically be forwarded to destinations on your network. It’s configurable based on the content of DICOM tags, down to the image level. Routing rules can even be scheduled for specific times of the day or even days of the week for custom overnight or specialty reading.

Use your storage space and network bandwidth efficiently by storing and transferring your DICOM data with lossless compression (option). Should one of the devices you use not be able to handle compressed data, aycan store will automatically switch to an ‘uncompressed” mode and transfer the data without compression. With lossless compression you will be able to archive double the amount of image data without having to upgrade your hardware.

In the case of erroneous patient data such as a typo, the Metadata Editor (option) allows you to correct the error in the PACS system.  Changes can then easily be sent to update diagnostic workstations.

Does your RIS or HIS not support DICOM Modality Worklist? aycan store‘s Modality Worklist Module (option) can fill the gap to eliminate patient detail typos. Your RIS, HIS, or even patient scheduling system can feed data direct to aycan store, which will provide your modalities with auto-populated patient demographics.

Need to have certain DICOM tag values copied to other tags? Need to prefix a site code for specific sending sites? Want CD imports to have a special identifier? aycan store can automatically modify DICOM metadata on arrival based on a rule-set using the Automatic DICOM Tag Modification (option).

RIS/HIS Integration

When a Radiology Information Systems (RIS)/Hospital Information System (HIS) is acquired, or standards and volume needs change, radiology departments are often forced to go with a new PACS as well — with aycan store, you don’t have to.  Vendor neutral aycan store can integrate with just about any current RIS or HIS system. And, as aycan store is easily upgradeable, it can meet current and future standards (such as DICOM) and volume needs.

Get an Already Integrated RIS/PACS—aycan workflow

aycan workflow is a highly reliable, cost efficient, turnkey, end-to-end digital imaging and patient management system that improves workflow.

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Key Applications

From simple to complex workflows in imaging centers, hospitals, and Teleradiology service companies, the aycan DICOM router can improve the workflow in any environment. Ideal for remote sites integrating with a central PACS.

aycan workstation is FDA cleared and has CE mark

Key Benefits

  • Streamlines workflows for improved productivity without compromising security

  • Remote access

  • Vendor Neutral for easy integration

  • Immediate, live, service and support

Key Features

  • Automatic DICOM Tag Modification

  • Auto-Routing based on image level DICOM tags

  • Compression (JPEG lossless, lossy, JPEG2000)

  • DICOM Connections (five) included in base configuration

  • HL7 order messages on study arrival

  • HL7 prior prefetching and route triggering

  • HLTM5 web management and image viewing

  • Lossless compression

  • SAN Integration

  • Modality Worklist

  • Rack mount or tower configuration (optional)

  • Metadata Editor for manual DICOM metadata modification

  • FDA 510(K) cleared DICOM viewer/post processing workstation (optional)
  • FDA listed as a medical image communication device (class 1 Exempt, Sec. 892.2020)
  • CE Marking: class I product

DICOM Router Appliance

  • Dell PowerEdge Server

  • Virtual Machine for VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V, and more

  • 10-gigabit Ethernet support

Standard/Extended Warranty (on-site solution)

  • Three-to-seven year hardware warranty with next business day on-site support in the U.S.

  • One-year software warranty

  • Extended hardware and software warranties available as an option

DICOM Associations

  • Base configuration includes 5 DICOM connections (modality or workstation)