Securely integrate Mac PACS workstation into Windows environment

We’ll show you how a Mac system can be smoothly and easily integrated into a Windows-dominated environment, so you can take advantage of savings on operating and process costs.

Significantly Reduce Support Costs

A recent study by IBM shows that Windows users require 800% more support than Mac users. The IT giant decided to implement Mac OS and iOS to permanently reduce the enormous associated costs. Their users now work easier and without problems.

User- and System administration

The current Apple OS X operating system makes a seamless integration with Active Directory. There is easy support for central user authentication. Microsoft Exchange Server’s e-mail and calendar function can easily be used as well.

Further Information

The following white papers provide deeper insight into the topic of  Mac Integration.

Download PDF
Integration with aycan workflow

Download PDF “aycan workflow – HIS/RIS/PACS integration with HL7 and DICOM”

Download pdf
Integrating Mac Systems

Download Apple Whitepaper “Integrating Mac Systems into a Medical IT Infrastructure: Creating an affordable radiology workstation with OsiriX”

Download pdf
OS X with Active Directory

Download Apple Whitepaper “Best Practices for Integrating OS X with Active Directory – OS X Yosemite v10.10”

Download pdf
Parallels Desktop for Mac

Download Parallels Whitepaper “Parallels Desktop for Mac – A Framework for Adopting Macs into the Windows Centric Business”

Download pdf
Security for Mac Computers

Download Apple Whitepaper “Security for Mac Computers in the Enterprise”

Download pdf
Evaluating and Deploying Mac Computers

Download Apple Whitepaper “Strategies and Best Practices for Evaluating and Deploying Mac Computers in the Enterprise”

Download pdf
Self-Support for Mac Users

Download Apple Whitepaper “Supporting Mac Users: The Self-Support Model”

Download pdf
OS X Deployment

Download Apple Whitepaper “OS X Deployment – Technical Reference”

Download pdf
Mac Integration Basics

Download Apple Whitepaper “Mac Integration Basics 10.10 – Adding a Mac to a Network That Uses Windows or Other Standards”

Download pdf
Mac Management Basics

Download Apple Whitepaper “Mac Management Basics 10.10 – Deploying and Managing Multiple Mac Computers”

Download pdf
802.1X Authentication

Download Apple Whitepaper “802.1X Authentication”

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