For the assessment of cancer, multi-parametric MRI has become a valuable tool in recent years. aycan workstation with the ayDCE plug-in provides a software tool for efficient analysis and documentation.

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Multi-Parametric MRI of the prostate significantly outperforms traditional biopsy

In the recently published PROMIS study from England, Multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI), as a triage test, can identify one quarter of men with elevated PSA levels who might safely avoid unnecessary prostate biopsies without impairment to the detection of clinically significant forms of prostate cancer.

  • 576 patients underwent an mpMRI examination in addition to both a ultrasound-guided (TRUS) and a template prostate mapping (TPM) biopsy.
  • The findings proved impressive with mpMRI accuracy of 93%, while TRUS-biopsies had lower accuracy and significant worse negative predictive values.

Both in the detection of a clinically significant prostate cancer, as well as in the exclusion, the mpMRI is clearly superior to the established biopsy methods. We hope this will continue the discussion between radiologists and urologists.

With aycan workstation, mpMRI examinations can be elegantly evaluated and documented according to the PI-RADS standard with a structured multi-media analysis.

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