aycan workstation plug-ins

aycan continually develops clinical and workflow plug-ins to further enhance aycan workstation‘s capabilities. Additionally, aycan works with its partners and other plug-in development companies to provide tested and certified solutions. A full list of plug-ins, with FDA clearance and CE Marking, are listed below. With these plug-ins, and tools for general diagnostic reading and advanced post-processing, aycan workstation makes the perfect solution wherever there is demand for fast and easy access to medical images.

aycan workstation Film Composer plug-in DICOM Print

The Film Composer plug-in for aycan workstation offers a “what you see is what you get” user interface for managing your DICOM print jobs. The simple-to-use interface allows you to add and manipulate the layout and several parameters and print single images, key images, or the complete series.

  • Simple-to-use WYSIWYG user interface
  • Predefined layouts for standard paper and film sizes
  • Move images and text using drag & drop
  • Uniform appearance of prints
aycan workstation Vessel Analysis plug-in

The Vessel plug-in supports segmentation of vessels in CTA data sets and provides center lines for vessel assessment.

  • Segmentation of CTA vessels
  • Center lines for curved MPR
    • For all kinds of arteries (e.g.. carotids, coronaries, leg-pelvis, aorta)

aycan workstation hanging protocols plug-in for mammography

Ideal for mammography workstations, the optional advanced Hanging Protocols plug-in for aycan workstation allows you to save display layouts and settings in the 2D Viewer, so when reopening a study (or similar studies) you’ll always get the same view.

  • Easy to use
  • Faster workflow with aycan workstation
  • Change layout with just one click or keyboard shortcut
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aycan workstation Ejection Fraction plug-in The optional Ejection Fraction plug-in for aycan workstation calculates the left ventricle ejection fraction according to the “Dodge Correction” method. (This plug-in does not serve as a tool for computer-aided diagnosis.)

  • Support for naming of ROIs
  • Visualization of systolic and diastolic measurement
  • Export results as a DICOM file
  • Determination of ejection fraction by means of “Dodge Correction”
aycan workstation RECIST plug-in The Recist plug-in with FDA 510(k) clearance for aycan workstation allows you to quickly and easily quantify and analyze lung tumors according to the RECIST (Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors) 1.1 guideline, the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, and by the volume of the tumors. (This plug-in is not a tool for computer-aided diagnosis.)

  • Support for naming of ROIs
  • Synchronous display of both baseline and follow-ups
  • Display of diameters (single, sum, alteration)
  • Export results as a DICOM file
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aycan workstation FusionSync plug-in

The hardware-based image registration algorithm of the optional FusionSync plug-in allows simultaneous displaying of a multi-modal series and its follow-up studies by performing an automatic image fusion.

  • Automatic co-registration for CT, MR, PET and SPECT
  • Interactive image fusion in 3D
  • Synchronization of follow-up studies
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aycan workstation Report plug-in

The optional ayReport plug-in allows you to quickly and easily create finding reports from customized, branded, easy-to-use templates. ROIs and calculated values from the viewer can be easily populated to predefined fields in your report.

  • automated population of measurements
  • store, PDF export and email reports
  • customizable templates

aycan workstation image recalculation plug-in

The Image Recalculation plug-in for aycan workstation allows you to manipulate data to suit your particular needs, so you can work quicker and easier. Within the plug-in, you can manipulate and edit a series by adding custom formulas.

  • Define pixel values of the images
  • Reduce the size of the series
  • Export as a new DICOM series
aycan workstation 4DROIStatistics plug-in

With the optional 4D ROI Statistics plug-in for aycan workstation, you can evaluate voxel values ​​of MRI and CT multi-phase series from different acquisition times.

  • Time-based, graphical representation of values ​​with options
  • ROI-modification effect change of the curve in real time
  • DICOM export as new series and CSV export of ROI values
aycan workstation DICOMizer plug-in

This plug-in converts JPEG files (for example, from a digital camera) and PDF files to DICOM so they can be stored on your workstation.

  • Transfer of patient data from the database window
  • Automatic transmission of  imported data to a PACS archive
  • Access to default and most recently used data

aycan workstation Media Importer

The Media Importer plug-in allows you to better manage the data you import to aycan workstation. You can choose specific studies and series, change patient demographic information, route data to a different DICOM node, and burn your data to CD/DVD.

  • Automatic detection of DICOMDIR files
  • Ability to modify data prior to import
  • Auto send to configured DICOM nodes
aycan workstation 11-bit plug-in

With this aycan workstation plug-in, you will attain more detailed gradation in grayscales in the 2D and 4D Viewer when using special 11-bit-capable monitors.

  • Improved grayscale display with high quality monitors
  • Activation possibile for individual arrangements
  • Automatic notification with monitor change
aycan workstation islink plug-in

The optional ISLink plug-in allows you to retrieve image data from a RIS or other patient management system into aycan workstation.

  • RIS-guided workflow
  • Only one search of the patients needed
aycan workstation display quality plug-in

This optional plug-in allows you to create an acceptance test for your monitor(s). It is also possible to generate working-day and half-yearly consistency check in accordance with DIN 6868-157.

  • Assistant for checks
  • Protocol creation and administration
  • reminder for the test interval
aycan workstation dictation plug-in ayDictation offers a comfortable way to record audio and send it to dictation systems like Nuance SpeechMagic via DICOM/FTP/SMB.
aycan workstation speech recognition plug-in

With the integration of dictation and speech recognition, ayTranscription offers radiologists all possibilities to efficiently report their findings.

  • Digital dictation system for radiologists and transcriptionists
  • Radiology dictionary
  • Seamless integration into the existing workflow
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aycan workstation imaging biometrics neuro plug-in

The IB Neuro plug-in, from partner company Imaging Biometrics, analyzes dynamically acquired MR DSC perfusion datasets and generates maps of:

  • rCBV (both standardized and normalized)
  • CBF, MTT, Tmax, TTP
  • Multiple deconvolution techniques
  • Automatic AIF generation
  • Supports enhanced DICOM processing
  • CT perfusion processing
aycan workstation imaging biometrics DCE

The IB DCE plug-in, from partner company Imaging Biometrics, analyzes dynamically acquired MR DCE perfusion datasets and generates maps of:

  • Ktrans, Ve, Vp,T10, initial slope, TTP, peak enhancement, area under the curve, washout, etc.
  • Tofts, Extended Tofts, and Patlak models
  • Automatic VIF generation
  • Manual override of flip angle series selection
  • Ability to normalize parameters to normal appearing tissue
aycan workstation imaging biometrics Delta Suite plug-in

The IB Delta Suite plugin, from partner company Imaging Biometrics, facilitates easy image manipulation including:

  • Multiple co-registration algorithms for inter- and intra-study analysis
  • Exclusive standardization technology
  • Automatic ROI generation
  • Delta T1 and fractional tumor burden (FTB) map generation
aycan workstation imaging biometrics diffusion

The IB Diffusion plugin, from partner company Imaging Biometrics, generates apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps from DWI datasets.

  • b-values read directly from DICOM headers
  • Manual override of b-value capability
  • Linear regression is used to calculate ADC maps with more than two volumes, each with a unique b-value

The LCN plug-in, developed by AI Metrics, LLC and manufactured by aycan business partner Imaging Biometrics, provides a non-invasive method to diagnose and stage chronic liver disease and predict future liver events without the need for a patient biopsy.

With higher stages of chronic liver disease, the liver surface becomes more nodular due to increasing amounts of liver fibrosis. Liver surface nodularity (LSN) is visible on routine abdominal CT images. Using the advanced LSN software, radiologists can now non-invasively and rapidly measure LSN from routine abdominal CT images and generate a Liver Score, which can be used to evaluate the severity of chronic liver disease, eliminating the need for a biopsy.

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