Strategies to Improve IT Security

  • Experts recommend regularly updating virus scanners and firewalls.
  • Furthermore, Adobe Reader, Flash, Java and Word macros should be uninstalled or disabled.
    • There are various alternatives to Adobe Reader that do not respond to the attacks.
    • According to a DRG (German Society of Radiology) recommendation, an embedded viewer on a DICOM CD should not be launched. Instead, it is recommended to import the DICOM images directly into your current viewer.
  • It is vital back-ups of file servers and database are stored physically separate, otherwise these back-ups will also fall victim to malicious encryption.

Secure PACS integration of Mac-Based Systems

IBM study IT support Mac-WinBecause of the vulnerability of Windows systems, aycan has specialized in Apple and Linux systems. aycan assists its customers with the integration of Mac-based systems in a Windows environment, as well as helping them to change PACS.  In addition to the decisive safety aspect, it also requires much less system support, which is considered a strong, sustained argument for cost reduction in IT. aycan supports its customers with extensive experience and personal service and support.

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