aycan xray-print Extraordinary Savings

aycan xray-print cost savings

From start to finish –processing, handing, mailing, and archiving– working with film is expensive. Paper is extremely cost effective. Substitute paper for film and you can:

  • Share images with minimal expense
  • Easily integrate images into patient records for archiving and future reference
  • Reduce labor costs associated with tracking, filing, and transporting film
  • Keep your valuable film originals safe and secure

Cost Saving Analysis

Value Calculator

aycan’s Value Calculator tool demonstrates the potential savings of printing high quality medical images using aycan’s DICOM paper-print solution. Based on the input you provide, the value calculator returns a detailed cost analysis that calculates your current film (and associated) costs, and details the cost savings of transitioning to aycan xray-print.

Learn how you can improve your workflow and save costs with aycan x-ray-print.

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