Immediate, Live, Remote Support

As part of our commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, aycan offers customers immediate, live, remote service and support for all its fielded solutions. A dedicated and qualified technical support team is there to help resolve any issues that may arise with an aycan solution. This includes working with other third party vendors as necessary.

Your remote team

aycan service engineers are highly skilled and in close contact with our research and development department and product management teams so they are capable of serving you directly. With aycan you won’t experience long phone queues, or annoying transfers to different people. Our promise is “immediate, live, customer service and support.”

Your remote service

With remote maintenance, we can provide you with fast service for your Mac OS X and/or Windows systems. With your approval, our service engineers can access your server through a secure, encrypted Internet connection. You may be requested to allow us access to your computer or to download a support tool.

Our Service Makes the Difference!

Get immediate, live, service and support from dedicated, qualified aycan remote service engineers.

Encrypted connection makes server access safe. No software installation on your server is necessary.

Onsite service calls and long-lasting downtime can be avoided with remote support from aycan.

See the work of our service engineers live on your systems. You’re in control to stop remote access at any time.

aycan remote Immediate, Live, Remote Support

Remote Support Includes

  • Knowledgable, qualified, trained support team

  • Remote maintenance for your Mac OS X and/or Windows systems

  • Access to your system through a secure, encrypted Internet connection

  • Immediate access to your dedicated service engineer

Required Downloads

aycan Mac OS X TeamViewer
aycan TeamViewer for Windows

Keep up and running with aycan's immediate, live, remote support.

Get Support Today!
Get Support Today!