Advanced Hanging Protocols

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advanced hanging protocols

advanced hanging protocols

Ideal for mammography workstations, the optional advanced hanging protocols plug-in for aycan workstation allows you to save display layouts and settings in the 2D Viewer, so when reopening a study (or similar studies) you’ll always get the same view. This standardization brings greater efficiency to routine diagnoses. The plug-in also automatically opens up prior studies, which further increases the speed of the daily workflow. With this plug-in, aycan workstation can now be used as a mammography workstation in the areas of curative treatment and screening.

Key features and benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Faster workflow with aycan workstation
  • Easy to reconfigure
  • Hanging Protocol Import/Export
  • Change layout with just one click or keyboard short cut
  • Image parameters—pre-define Zoom, WW/WL, Image Numbers, Screen Layout
  • Group and tile similar studies

Get clear results with aycan mammography workstation.

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