Multi-Vendor Workflow Integration Services

Incorporating best of breed solutions in your medical imaging workflow may be optimal, but working with multiple vendors can be challenging–that’s where aycan professional services comes in.  Whether we’re integrating an aycan solution or another vendor’s PACS and EMR/EHR system, our dedicated team of professional services engineers will work to ensure your workflow is optimized, resolving any vendor issues that may arise during the integration process so you don’t have to.

aycan solution Integration

aycan solutions are vendor neutral and designed to smoothly integrate into your current workflow and network environment, with interfaces to most current RIS and HIS systems through DICOM, and HL7.  Our team of professional service engineers will devise an integration plan with you and work with all other vendors as necessary to integrate our solutions.

PACS and EMR/EHR Integration

Accessing PACS and EMR/EHR systems separately is time-consuming, costly, and may impact patient care. Using aycan web, aycan’s professional services team can integrate these systems so that physicians can easily have a full picture of a patient’s chart.

aycan vendor neutral professional services DICOM

Integration Services Include

  • One unified view to all your patient imaging

  • Workflow planning

  • Custom URL formation for legacy integration

  • HL7 link messaging brokers

  • Single point of contact for integration support

aycan takes the worry out of integration

aycan offers over 20 years experience in medical imaging, including years of experience helping customers with workflow integration.   Our professional service team is also expert in DICOM.

Our expert team integration team guides you through the process, providing clear answers to many complex questions.

aycan creates a dedicated link between the EHR/EMR and viewer so security is maintained once the systems are integrated.

Let aycan's professional services team create an integration plan for you.

Start Integrating Today!
Start Integrating Today!