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Historical patient data sitting on outdated diagnostic imaging systems and media is an ongoing challenge—DICOM archive solutions have been around for years; legacy tape, MO, and similar offline storage media formats have readers that are either no longer available or only at astronomical prices.  As technologies continue to evolve and change, and the volume and variety of data flowing into your organization grows, so too does the need to move and reconcile data across systems.

aycan vendor neutral service

With vendor neutral data migration service from aycan, you can securely, easily, and affordably migrate your data to help your organization optimize the value of your data resources. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database, and the integrity of the data is kept intact after transfer—no data loss.

aycan professional services DICOM data migration

Contact us today to get answers to common questions such as:

  • How can we store our data before it is lost forever?
  • What format is my legacy data even in?
  • How can we transition from diverse diagnostic imaging systems from different vendors?
  • Will the data be secure while it’s being transferred?
  • Will our data be damaged or lost during the transfer?
  • What’s the best platform to transfer our data to?  The cloud?
aycan data migration services

Migration Services Include

  • Pre-migration impact assessment

  • Migration plan

  • Leverage existing infrastructure or provide a new turnkey archive

  • Rapid migration

  • Migrate data from old PACS or other platform to cloud/other platforms

  • Reading from optical media, or tape

  • Consolidation of data

  • Change patient identifiers (meta-data) during migration

  • Ongoing service and support

aycan takes the worry out of data migration

Let aycan's professional services team define a migration plan that works for you.

Start Migrating Today!
Start Migrating Today!