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With more than 25 years of extensive experience in long-term archiving of medical image data, aycan offers aycan universal archive, a vendor-neutral archiving and distribution system that helps healthcare organizations be more efficient with the management and sharing of images and other data. With the aycan solution, images can be quickly stored in any format and easily shared across the entire enterprise.

aycan universal archive, a vendor neutral archiving and distribution system


aycan universal archive connect your enterprise

Key Benefits

  • Improve productivity without compromising security

  • Secure, centralized repository

  • Open access improves collaboration and patient care

  • Minimizes time and cost managing disparate archives

  • Improved Image Life Cycle Management

  • Local control and availability

Key Features

  • Auto-Routing

  • Back-up Module

  • Compression

  • Data Migration

  • IHE Patient Information Reconciliation

  • IHE Scheduled Workflow

  • Pre-Fetching
  • SAN Integration
  • Virtual Archive
  • Virtual Query/Retrieve Filter
  • FDA 510(K) cleared DICOM viewer/Post processing workstation (optional)
  • Europe: CE Marking
  • Rack mount or tower configuration (optional)
  • Remote storage, based on usage (optional)

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