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aycan offers innovative medical imaging solutions with advanced features to support clinical trials. Explore our clinical trial solutions below and contact us today to discuss how they can support your needs.

aycan store (PACS)

aycan store (PACS)Feature Rich PACS

aycan store (PACS) is scalable, high performance DICOM archiving and distribution system that can be accessed on-site or optionally through our cloud solution powered by Oracle.

aycan universal thin client viewer

aycan universal thin client viewer

Connect and Read From Anywhere

An FDA-cleared medical device that can be used for primary diagnosis or review purposes, the aycan universal thin client viewer ensures a prompt and reliable way to search, view, and analyze medical images, signals, and video files on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

aycan remote Immediate, Live, Remote Support

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  • Immediate, live, personal support

  • Vendor neutral products and services
  • DICOM expertise

  • Over 25 years of medical imaging experience

  • Prices at a fraction of other major brands

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aycan solutions support FDA review of groundbreaking technology from Enspectra Health.

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