solutions support FDA review of groundbreaking technology from Enspectra Health

Rochester, New York, February 20, 2024. aycan, a recognized leader in medical imaging, announced today that Enspectra Health used aycan’s PACS, viewers, and professional services team to ready DICOM data generated from their new VIO‎™ System for their pivotal clinical trial. The first-of-its-kind technology that visualizes skin cellular structures in real-time, the VIO System received FDA clearance recently, solidifying aycan’s abilities and expansion into the clinical trial market.

“To enable an efficient review of our clinical trial data by the FDA, we needed a solution at a reasonable cost that could securely store data and a service team with DICOM expertise to assist us, which is why we chose aycan,” said Bill Beasley, President and COO of Enspectra Health. “The aycan team demonstrated their keen understanding of DICOM and medical imaging throughout the process.”

aycan has been supporting customers with vendor-neutral solutions and professional services and support for over 25 years.

“We’re proud to have helped Enspectra Health achieve FDA clearance of their groundbreaking technology,” said Frank Burkhardt, CEO of aycan Medical Systems. “This success demonstrates our ability to support customers in the clinical trial market, an area of expansion for our company.”

Enspectra Health used aycan store cloud (PACS), a scalable, high-performance DICOM archiving and distribution system, and the aycan universal thin client viewer, which allows users to safely and reliably connect and read from anywhere. Using their DICOM and medical imaging workflow expertise, the aycan professional services team guided the installation and use of the products, as well as the management and use of the data.

About Enspectra Health
Enspectra Health is an emerging, privately held health tech company pioneering the virtual biopsy to transform the way physicians evaluate a broad spectrum of skin conditions. The Company’s novel technology combines reflectance confocal and multiphoton laser scanning microscopy to generate real-time, multispectral images at the cellular level, without the need for an incision. The technology allows for an instantaneous evaluation of rich, digital pathology images of various skin tissues, with the ultimate goal of minimizing unnecessary biopsies and facilitating earlier disease diagnosis.

ABOUT aycan
aycan specializes in the development and implementation of medical imaging IT solutions, with a strong emphasis on Apple and Linux PACS systems designed to improve workflow efficiency and drive down costs, with a strong company focus on consistently delighting customers with exceptional service. aycan supports worldwide customers with European headquarters in Wuerzburg, Germany (aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH) and U.S. headquarters in Rochester, New York (aycan Medical Systems). aycan is a member of PARATUS Group.

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