aycan workflow

Cost Efficient, Turnkey

aycan workflow is a highly reliable, cost efficient, turnkey, end-to-end digital imaging and patient management system that improves workflow. Comprised of two of the industry’s leading technologies, aycan store (PACS) and medQ’s proven RIS enterprise technology, the fully integrated components work in perfect concert with each other eliminating the need and issues associated with a multi-vendor solution.

aycan workflow RIS PACS patient centric

A fully integrated RIS/PACS

Turnkey Installation. Single Vendor Support.

Because the RIS and PACS are already integrated, installation is turnkey.  An integrated solution also means you only have to contact a single vendor for ongoing service and support.

Key Applications

The highly reliable aycan workflow is ideal for imaging centers and small hospitals that need to quickly and cost efficiently deliver radiology imaging services to their customers. View the demo below which shows a common example of aycan workflow in an imaging center/small hospital.

System Components

aycan workflow is fully integrated and fully featured to manage today’s EHR driven imaging workflow.

aycan store (PACS)

At the heart of aycan workflow, is aycan store, a scalable, high performance DICOM archiving and distribution system, which can be accessed on-site or optionally through our off-site data center, and aycan workstation, a multi-modality workstation for post-processing and primary diagnosis.

medQ’s RIS

MedQ’s RIS workflow management solution is an intuitive, patient-centric model that incorporates clinical information with exam ordering, scheduling, technologist worklist, results reporting, distribution and billing.

Deconstructed PACs

aycan workflow can serve as a key element in a Deconstructed PACs, which aycan has been designing, integrating and servicing for over 15 years, helping customers achieve improved system performance and cost efficiencies.  aycan offers an archive and viewer, as well as suitable workflows for unique customer needs.

aycan workstation is FDA cleared and has CE mark
aycan workflow RIS PACS MedQ

Key Benefits

  • Turnkey installation

  • Integrated workflow

  • Vendor neutral

  • Single vendor

  • Productivity features

  • Customizable

  • Economically priced

  • Immediate, live, service and support

Key Features

  • A RIS driven workflow with full order entry and work lists for front office staff and technologists

  • Easily accessible complete patient histories

  • Seamless linking from the reading work list to the viewer

  • Local cache preloading of image data on the workstation for quick access without network latency

  • Report dictation options definable by the user (voice recognition or transcription based)

  • Report macros with manual and automatic pre-population options

  • Fully automated report distribution options (fax, secure email, HL7, and DICOM PDF)


Start improving your workflow and saving costs with aycan workflow.

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