MedDream VET DICOM Viewer from Softneta

Web Visualization Designed for Veterinarians

MedDream VET DICOM Viewer from Softneta

This powerful interactive diagnostic interface connects all medical data into one unified and fast performing network. A web-based HTML 5 Zero-Footprint DICOM Viewer for VET PACS server/VET VNA, MedDream VET conveniently manages imaging, diagnosing, archiving, and transmitting.  Easily search, view, and process DICOM images, signals, and video files on computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Radiology Module Tool Set

This viewer has a rich radiology tool set, which includes regular tools as zoom, pan, windowing, magnifier and advanced tools:

MedDream VET DICOM Viewer from Softneta

Key Features

  • Review and primary diagnostics

  • Enterprise access to imagery

  • Integrated telemedicine platform

  • Fully UNICODE compliant

  • Multiple modalities including radiology, cardiology, report, video, and ophthalmology


aycan Medical Systems is an authorized reseller of Softneta solutions, including the MedDream VET DICOM Viewer

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