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Patients and referring physicians want quick and secure access to DICOM images and reports. They want an intuitive and easy-to-use system that allows them to view images online at anytime and from anywhere, which is exactly what the aycan referral physician & patient portal provides.

With the easy to use portal you get encrypted access without the need for software installation or VPNs–it works on most common web browsers without any cumbersome installation. For even more security, the aycan referral physician & patient portal also provides extended authentication.

Key features include basic manipulation and measurement tools for reviewing images.

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As a complement to the aycan product portfolio, aycan offers MedDream solutions from Softneta. Softneta is also a trusted technology partner, whose quality products are part of some of aycan solutions.

MedDream Solutions from aycan

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aycan offers MedDream solutions to customers in the Americas only.

Value Add from aycan

For all MedDream solutions, aycan offers full integration service and ongoing, personal support.

Start reviewing DICOM images quickly and easily.

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