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Monitors are a critical part of the medical imaging workflow. To be sure you’re choosing the right monitor for your specific application, rely on aycan, an EIZO business partner and a company focused on radiology imaging. The image quality, long-term reliability, and innovative features of EIZO monitors make them the perfect choice for viewing medical images. From clinical review to diagnostic, mammography, and surgical displays, we have a monitor to meet your needs. In addition to performance, aycan also knows the importance of price. To help with this, we offer very competitive pricing on EIZO monitors.

aycan offers EIZO monitors to customers in the Americas only.

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EIZO surgical monitors

For accurate and swift display of images in operation rooms, explore the EIZO surgical monitor offering from aycan.

Featured EIZO diagnostic monitors

aycan EIZO Radiforce GX240 diagnostic monitor for radiology

EIZO RadiForce GX240

  • 2MP Monochrome
  • 21.3″
  • LED backlight
aycan EIZO RadiForce RX250 diagnostic monitor for radiology

EIZO RadiForce RX250

  • 2MP Color
  • 21.3″
  • LED backlight
EIZO Radiforce RX 370 offered by aycan

EIZO RadiForce RX370

  • 3MP Color
  • 21.3″
  • LED backlight
aycan EIZO Radiforce RX660 diagnostic monitor for radiology

EIZO RadiForce RX660

  • 6MP Color
  • 30″
  • LED backlight
aycan EIZO RadiForce RX560

EIZO RadiForce RX560

  • 5MP Full Color
  • 21.3″
  • LED backlight
  • FDA 510(k) clearance for mammography
EIZO Radiforce RX1270 diagnostic & mammography monitor

EIZO RadiForce RX1270

  • 12MP Full Color
  • 30.9″
  • LED backlight
  • Compact

EIZO RadiForce MX317

  • Color (IPS)
  • 30.5″
  • LED backlight
  • FDA: Pending: 510(k) Clearance for General Radiography

Companion Products


Quality Control Software & Calibration Sensor

RadiCS provides total support for the quality maintenance and control of client monitors, covering everything from calibration to acceptance and constancy tests, calibration asset, and historical management. Complying with AAPM, DIN, IEC and other standards, RadiCS enables precise QC with easy-to-follow procedures.

Deconstructed PACs

EIZO diagnostic monitors can serve as a key element in a Deconstructed PACs, which aycan has been designing, integrating and servicing for over 15 years, helping customers achieve improved system performance and cost efficiencies.  aycan offers an archive and viewer, as well as suitable workflows for unique customer needs.

aycan workstation is FDA cleared and has CE mark

Get great images at great prices with EIZO medical monitors from aycan.

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