Vascular Surgery

Planning of Aortic Procedures

Multi-slice CT is by now an internationally accepted standard in the preoperative planning of aortic grafts, and has replaced angiography in many cases. The ayVessel plug-in supports segmentation and calculation of center lines for vessel assessment.

Visualization Options

  • Multiplanar Reformation (MPR)
  • ACurved Planar Reformation (CPR), straightened CPR
  • Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)

Advantages for Vascular Surgeons

  • Pre-surgery planning in 2D/3D view
  • Advanced features and functions for post-processing and manipulation of DICOM data
  • Professional medical imaging manipulation
  • Comparison of pre- and post surgery studies

aycan workstation for Planning Purposes

With aycan workstation, you can conduct a preoperative planning easily yourself. All you need is the CT data.

View a Video on “Carotid vessel CTA”

View a Video on “AAA Volumetric Analysis”

Start benefiting from easy post processing with aycan workstation.

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