eFilm Replacements from aycan

Mac, Windows, and Web-Based replacement solutions from aycan offer a robust feature set providing the same/similar tools for radiologists to use as eFilm with added advantages such as automatic software rollout via MSI, advanced patient demographics editing, simultaneous support of multiple PACS backends for queries, and can act as a PACS scan station.

Scalable and Customizable

Because these solutions are vendor neutral, they can easily integrate into any workflow and be customized to meet your enterprise’s specific and ever-changing needs. All solutions are FDA 510(k) cleared medical devices that can be used for primary diagnosis or review purposes.

Explore Our Mac, Windows, and Web-Based Replacement Options

aycan workstation is FDA cleared and has CE mark
aycan universal thin client viewers HTML5 FDA cleared

Why Choose aycan for eFilm Replacement?

  • Mac, Windows, and Web-Based solutions

  • Solutions offer the same/similar tools as eFilm with added advantages

  • Vendor neutral

  • Multi-vendor issues resolution

  • Apple/Mac expertise

  • DICOM expertise

  • Workflow design and implementation

  • Ongoing maintenance service support

  • Dedicated aycan service engineers

eFilm support ended June, 2022. Explore replacement options from aycan.

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